Join A Committee

You are encouraged to join one or more committee. Contact the Committee Chair.

Past President

Would you like to be a Director on our Board? The Past President and her recruitment committee is responsible for board member recruitment and can also assist members with information on committees members may be interested in becoming involved in.


The Treasurer and her committee are responsible to greet members at every lunch, breakfast, and various other events.  They will confirm registration and attendance, insure proper payment has been made, issue receipts when required and collect the names of attendees for proper introduction of guests.

  • Very few meetings are necessary for this committee.
  • The Treasurer sets up a schedule for committee members to attend at the registration table.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to meet members, put faces to names and for other members to get to know you!


Do you have ideas for topics for luncheons or networking sessions? Join the Program Committee and get involved. The Program Committee is responsible for booking the speakers for the monthly luncheons and pick venues for the Imaginary Book Club. They also plan and host a charity luncheon in December where a local charity is chosen to raise funds for. Being a part of the Program Committee is a great way to get to know fellow SWN members and for them to get to know you.

What we do: Book speakers, display table participants and hosts, approve menus, and determine networking sessions.

What to expect: Committee meetings every 2 to 3 months.  Members of this committee may be asked to help at luncheons to facilitate and ensure the event runs smoothly.  All committee members are asked to assist in recruiting speakers, display table hosts and Imaginary Book Club events.

Special Events

Do you have ideas for network events? Want to be part of the planning process? The Special Events committee is responsible for organizing events for the SWN throughout the year.

  • We meet once every month or two.
  • The best way to get to know fellow SWN members on a different level.
  • Possible opportunities to involve your business at SWN events.

Events that we plan:  Christmas Party, Golf Tournament, and more.

What we do:  Choose event locations, themes, menu, and all the fun entertainment during the events.

Vacation Dinner

Do you want to get involved in the largest fundraiser the Saskatoon Women’s Network organizes and be part of our team? The vacation dinner is usually held in October but planning happens all year long. You will get to be part of the planning process that includes choosing the theme, venue, menu, recruiting the vacation prize & sponsorship, selling tickets, recruiting silent auction prizes, choosing entertainment, décor and everything else that it takes to pull this event together.

  • We meet every month
  • It exposes you to new and exciting businesses both within the network and outside
  • We are fun & connected
  • Attended by 350 plus women dressed in theme


The Membership Committee is all about ensuring that new members feel welcome and are aware of how the SWN operates along with what opportunities are available to members for business promotion and networking.

  • Meetings will take place monthly or bi-monthly dependant on need.
  • Committee members are assigned new members to personally contact and welcome them and ensure they are comfortable within the SWN format and activities.

This committee offers a great opportunity for both experienced and new members to build relationships with other members on a more personal one to one basis.

Communications / Website

We insure information is timely and up to date on the website, our e-newsletter and social media by liaising with other committees and our members. Our committee is composed of members who like to participate with other committees and attend their meetings so we can update the website accordingly. Most especially, we like to have someone sitting on the membership, vacation dinner, program and special events committees. If you are interested in having a very comprehensive knowledge of SWN and their members, this is a great committee to be on.